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  • Uniforms for Every Type of Beauty Student

    interior of a beauty salon

    Are you searching for that perfect beauty uniform? Here at Florence Roby, we have a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit everyone in the industry. As well as ensuring elegance and sophistication when designing our beauty tunics, trousers and dresses, we also make sure that our designs are practical and comfortable. Take a look at our top uniforms for different beauty professions:


    Beauty Therapist - Bosa Tunic

    Florence Roby Bosa Tunic in Navy

    If you’re already a beauty therapist or training to become one, your role might involve doing manicures & pedicures, waxing, tanning, eyebrow tinting and more! Unlike hair stylists, you will probably spend a lot of your time sitting down throughout the day. You’ll want something that’s not too tight around the waist, but flatters your figure in the right way.

    Our Bosa Tunic features a delicate pleated neckline and a loose-fitting sewn-in waistband, which is ideal for beauty therapists. The versatile tunic would look stunning with any of our trousers.


    Hair Stylist - Calvi Tunic

    Florence Roby Calvi Tunic in Black

    For hair stylists, it really is all about practicality! With this in mind, we believe our Calvi Tunic is the perfect choice. Featuring an on-trend square neckline, the tunic is designed with side pockets which are handy for holding clips, rollers and other hair accessories. It’s available in black (the ultimate hairdressing uniform colour!) in sizes 6 to 26. 

    It would also look great when paired with our Slim Leg Trousers, which are a popular choice for hair stylists.


    Spa Therapist - Como Tunic

    Florence Roby Como Tunic in White

    If you work in a spa environment, one of your main roles might include giving full body massages. This requires a lot of flexibility, which is why our Como Tunic could be a great option for you! With side splits and a relaxed fit, it really does allow you to move around comfortably and easily. 

    And if you want to match the calm and tranquil environment of your spa, we recommend opting for the white version. Paired with our Parallel Leg Trousers, you’ll look and feel truly amazing. 


    Browse Florence Roby’s Full Range

    Whatever your role in the beauty industry, we hope that we’ve brought you one step closer to finding your dream uniform! 

    Heading back to college in September? Take a look at our full range of salon tunics, trousers and dresses to get yourself ready for the new term.

    Alternatively, check out the student login page and pick out your brand new uniform today!

  • Fresh New Trends For Your Beauty Uniform

    A model wearing grey Florence Roby trousers and tunic, and a purple obi waist belt

    The new year has arrived and with that comes a clean slate, a time to start again. Whilst you’re working in the beauty industry to make others feel and look fantastic, it’s important to look and feel good within yourself too. Not only do we understand that professional appearances matter when working with clients old and new, we also know that feeling great in your workwear puts a spring in your step. One that leads the way to a fantastic rest of the year ahead!

    Your brand image in the beauty industry is very reliant on how you and your staff are dressed. We believe reviving tired beauty uniforms is an essential step in maintaining a clean and professional image in your business. And with it now being the new year, there’s no better time to bring in fresh, new and stylish business wear to best suit you and your beauty salon!

    Quality and comfort matter here to us at Florence Roby, so our uniforms are designed with a workable and easy care approach - but that does not mean that we compromise on style!

    Check out our list of 2019 uniform trends that are designed to revitalise and modernise your image.

    model wearing a florence roby gavello tunic


    Plum is a huge colour trend this winter, which has continued into 2019 with grace due to its warmth and elegance. It’s a colour for everyone as it doesn’t wash out most skin tones, and its dark hues effortlessly complement existing colours within your brand.

    We love plum at Florence Roby, and have a wide variety of products to help you integrate this gorgeous colour into your workwear. Try ourGavello Tunic with our popularSlim Leg Trouser​ for a co-ordinated, sleek and professional attire. Or if you want to see our new products, we’ve just brought in the new ​Ankle Grazer Trouser​ - both ranging from size 6 to 26.

    For those who like dresses, our ​Dasa Dress​ is a stunning alternative to the tunic and trouser combination. With it’s oriental neckline and ​obi style waist belt​, it’s two trends in one!

    model wearing blue florence roby pavia trousers

    Dare to be Different

    Keeping up with fashion trends tend to mean breaking boundaries, no matter how small. Say goodbye to traditional trouser wear this year and bring in something new - like the Pavia Trouser​. Its clean and elegant design makes it a timeless item for your beauty wardrobe, whilst being exciting, fashionable and flattering for you and your staff.

    Daring to be different can give a unique and refreshing look to the brand, whilst also helping your staff feel revitalised and ready to perform every day to their best standard.

    model wearing a florence roby scarf with a yellow flower print

    Add an Accessory

    Said by the likes of Vogue and Pantone, bold colours will dominate 2019 in both fashion and interiors. Red and blue are set to be big this year, with the catwalks showcasing these highly saturated and bright colours in their garments.

    It may be a little too much to wear these bold colours head to toe, but we’re saying a big yes to seeing these in accessories. Florence Roby stock bold ​scarves​ as well as ​obi belts​, adding some contrast or colour to an outfit. However, if it’s not to your brand’s taste, we also do neutral colours too.

    Want to See More? 

    We pride ourselves on our innovation, with quality and design at the heart of everything we do.

    View our full range of bespoke uniforms - including hospitality uniforms and salon wear - now.

  • New Year, New You: 4 Salon Trends in Time for 2019

    image of a beauty salon with three chairs and mirrors

    For beauty salons, the upcoming new year often conjures feelings of excitement, wonder and optimism. But sometimes, the uncertainty of the after-Christmas-period can be daunting.

    With the hype of the festive season over, some businesses worry that January could be slow compared with the previous month. But fear not! We have gathered some of the top salon trends for the new year to help keep your business booming in 2019:

    Organic products laid out on a table, including candles, coffee beans and bamboo sticks

    1. Renew and Revitalise

    A significant part of 2018 culture was the increased demand for organic foods and household supplies. Now we’re in 2019, people are not only concerned about what they’re putting in their bodies, but also what they’re putting on their bodies. By introducing organic (as well as ethical) products into your salon, you can give your customers peace of mind, whilst also fitting in with the typical January theme of renewal, detox and revitalisation.

    female hand taking photo of hairdresser tools with a pink and yellow background

    2. Get Digital

    Social media is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life - it began as a social tool (hence the name!), but has now embedded itself as a crucial element of the business world. So what does this mean for salon and beauty businesses in 2019? It means that engaging with your online followers is as important as ever. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, providing regular content and responding to your followers is just as important as answering the phone for a booking.

    The world is becoming increasingly reliant on visual imagery, and for a beauty-based business, showcasing aesthetic images of beauty treatments and products on the likes of Instagram and Snapchat stories is definitely a good idea.

    Renovating a room by painting the walls purple

    3. Freshen Up With Some New Colours and Accessories

    If you’re going to be increasing exposure of your salon online, why not use the new year as an excuse to give it a facelift? By adding a floor lamp from a vintage shop, painting the walls in a new colour or even just rearranging the seating, a little bit of change can go a long way.

    According to Elle Decor, light blue colours with a sense of mistiness and haze are going to be one of the top colour trends for 2019. The calming grey undertones would work wonderfully in a salon to create a perfect, serene haven.

    model wearing florence roby dasa tunic in plum

    4. Match Your New Interior with a New Uniform

    Whatever colour you decide for your salon’s interior, having a new uniform to match would also contribute to the ‘‘insta-aesthetic’’. If you were to go for the misty blue colour scheme that we just mentioned, our very own Florence Roby Dasa Tunic in Plum would compliment it beautifully. Inspired by the far east, it has an oriental-style neckline and comes with a sewn-in belt to tie around the waist. If your staff have different preferences, the style is also available in a matching dress.

    Ready for 2019?

    Hopefully this guide has given you some food-for-thought when preparing your salon for 2019. If you’re interested in seeing more of our high-quality, innovative salonwear designs, then shop our wide range of Beauty, Hair and Spa uniforms.

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