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Top Uniform Picks

  • Beauty Uniform Accessories: Top Picks

    Here at Florence Roby, we believe that accessories are key to the perfect beauty uniform! Why? Whilst some are great for practical reasons, some accessories are the finishing touch that really brings your outfit together. Take a look at our top picks:


    Ladies Scarf

    Neck scarves look gorgeous when paired with simple beauty tunics and dresses. Our Ladies Scarves are available in a range of versatile colours, including plum, pink and grey. They’re all decorated with a delicate floral design to provide contrast and to create an on-trend look.

    Get yours now for £10.00 (ex. VAT).


    Obi Belt

    For tunics and dresses with cinched waists and little fuss (such as our bestselling Firenze Tunic), one of our Japanese-inspired Obi Belts would be the perfect accompaniment. With 14 colours to choose from, you could opt for a colour that matches your tunic or dress. If you’re looking for some contrast, perhaps a bold shade would be a good option. Or better still, treat yourself to both!

    Available in three sizes for just £7.00 (ex. VAT).


    PVC Apron

    Our PVC Apron is used in various industries, and would definitely make the ideal hairdresser apron! The black shiny finish complements most salon uniform styles and colours, and the added pockets at the front means that it’s practical too. It also has adjustable straps for a comfortable and personalised fit.

    Buy it now for £7.00 (ex. VAT).


    Gel Fob Watch

    Our Gel Fob Watches are the ultimate salon accessory. As well as helping you to keep track of time, a colourful fob watch would be a cute and funky addition to any beauty uniform. We have 12 designs available, ranging from vibrant neon green to a more understated white option.

    Get your fob watch now for just £8.50 (ex. VAT).


    Check Out All of Our Accessories at Florence Roby

    This is just a preview of the ‘little extras’ that we have here at Florence Roby! We also have shoes, name badges and more fob watches available, so make sure to check out our full range of accessories today.

  • Our Top Beauty Tunics this June

    Are you in need of a new beauty uniform, but stuck for ideas?

    We think that beauty tunics are a great place to start when deciding on a new uniform. With that in mind, take a look at our top selling tunics this month for some inspo!


    Como Tunic

    Florence Roby Como Tunic in Plum

    A particularly popular choice is the Como Tunic. College students love this design, and we reckon it’s because of its comfort and style! Featuring side splits for ease of movement and a diamante button detail, the tunic is available in 5 stunning colours. We also have a sale version available featuring some of our discontinued colours and prints.


    Lucca Tunic

    Florence Roby Lucca Tunic in Navy

    Simple, chic and stylish, it’s easy to see why the Lucca Tunic is one of our bestsellers. Available in 5 beautiful colours, the tunic features a v notch neckline, delicate waist piping and an easy back-zip fasten. We also have a popular sale version, with black/grey and cobalt blue options available.


    Firenze Tunic

    Florence Roby Firenze Tunic in Grey with an added Obi Belt

    With its square neckline, the Firenze Tunic is incredibly on trend. The panelled salon tunic would look great with an Obi Belt (as pictured), especially if you’re looking for an oriental feel. Available in 6 stunning colours, including a limited edition chocolate version.


    Grado Tunic

    Florence Roby Grado Tunic

    Featured as part of our new crepe fabric range, the Grado Tunic is the essence of luxury. With its petal sleeves and wrap front, the black and taupe tunic is designed to flatter every figure, and provide the wearer with a sophisticated and elegant style. It’s also made from a lightweight and easy care material—the perfect addition to your summer salon uniform wardrobe!


    Want to See More?

    Hopefully this has given you a taster of some of the stunning tunics that we have available here at Florence Roby. As well as beauty tunics, we also have a range of accompanying trousers and dresses for you to choose from! Available in sizes 6-26, check out our full range of beauty, hair and spa uniforms.

  • Find Your Perfect Summer Beauty Uniform

    Hello summer...

    Summer is finally on its way! A change in the weather is always a great excuse to treat yourself to a new uniform. Whether it’s for practical reasons or simply because you want to try something new, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our top summer picks based on the latest fashion trends.



    Florence Roby Teano Tunic in Teal

    Edgy, bold and unique, asymmetric designs have become more popular in recent months. From off-centre skirts to mismatched earrings, the trend is finding its way into all corners of fashion—including the beauty industry!

    With its off-set neckline and two-tone look, the Teano Tunic is the ultimate addition to your beauty wardrobe. Available in three striking colours (teal, grey and plum), the beauty tunic is chic and modern, and definitely a great uniform choice.


    Neck Scarves

    Florence Roby neck scarf in grey

    First it was head scarves, but now neck scarves are making a comeback. With celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Alexa Chung taking reigns on the trend, it’s set to be big!

    Check out our stunning collection of neck scarves, which are available in a variety of colours. Pairing one with simple designs such as the Pavia Tunic and the Gavello Tunic would make for an on-trend look.



    Florence Roby Tropea Tunic and Parallel Trousers

    Whilst we all love the summer months, the salon can get a bit too toasty during this time! To help you feel as comfortable as possible, we have recently released a new crepe fabric range. The material is lightweight, breathable and easy to care for.

    An example of the perfect summer salon uniform is our Tropea Tunic and Parallel Trousers paired together. The Tropea Tunic features a stunning square neckline and side-panels, whilst the Parallel Trousers have wide legs for a relaxed yet flattering fit. Available in black, you might be surprised to hear that the colour is actually heat-resistant!


    Neutral Shades

    Florence Roby Grado Tunic and Parallel Trousers

    Have you heard? Beige is all the rage. In fact, all nude shades are ‘in’ at the moment, and we’ve incorporated the trend into one of our latest designs.

    The Grado Tunic—another tunic from our crepe range—features a beautiful taupe drape detail that is designed to complement and flatter any figure. Just like the Tropea Tunic, it would look great with our Parallel Trousers.


    Get 20% Off

    Like what you see? Until midnight Friday 31st May 2019, we’re giving you 20% off all our full-priced beauty tunics and trousers! Just enter code MAY20 at checkout to redeem the offer. Treat yourself!

  • Spring Forward with Our Top Sale Picks

    Spring has officially sprung! The season of renewal and rejuvenation is well and truly here—the perfect time to replenish your workwear wardrobe. In time for the new season, we’ve recently added some lovely beauty tunics to our sale. Available in a range of different sizes and colours, their versatility and vibrancy will be hard to resist!


    Telve Tunic in Navy

    One of our favourites, the Telve Tunic brings sophistication and femininity to any beauty uniform. With a princess cut, delicate collar and added pearl button detail, it really is something special. The navy version is especially distinctive, giving off an almost regal feel.

    Reduced to £30.00 (ex. VAT), the Telve Tunic is also available in black, teal and grey.


    Como Tunic in Teal

    The Como Tunic is one of our most popular styles, and it’s easy to see why! Timeless, professional and comfortable, it has everything you could look for in a tunic. Designed with side splits for ease of movement, it also features an easy front fastening with a diamante button.

    The beautiful teal version is now only £30.00 (ex. VAT)—check it out here.


    Gavello Tunic in Taupe

    Inspired by the 60s, the Gavello Tunic is the epitome of chic. It features a drop waist and pocket flaps for a dainty yet relaxed look. Neutral shades are all the rage at the moment, so the taupe version is certainly on trend. It’s neutrality also means that it matches a wide range of salon interiors—definitely an added bonus!

    Also available in plum, the Gavello Tunic has been reduced to £34.00 (ex. VAT). Take a look at both colours here.


    Pathos Tunic in Plum

    The Pathos Tunic features a geometric shape and diamante buttons for an abstract look, something which we love here at Florence Roby! It also has a panelled front and is designed to suit virtually all figure types.

    This Tunic comes in Black, Navy Blue and Grey.


    Favale Tunic in Red

    Last but not least is the stunning Favale Tunic. Its hexagonal neckline and structured silhouette is incredibly flattering, and we must say that the red version is particularly striking. If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive salon uniform, then this tunic is definitely the one for you.

    Reduced from £40.00 to £20.00 (ex. VAT), the tunic is also available shades of cobalt blue and raspberry.


    Browse Our Full Sale Range

    If you’re still searching for that perfect beauty uniform, then take a look at our full sale range.

    Here you’ll find even more beautiful tunics, as well as a variety of dresses and trousers with up to 75% off. Treat yourself this spring!

  • 5 Workwear Dresses to Suit Every Body Shape

    5 black outlines of females posing in different positions

    Following our recent blog post about beauty tunics to suit every figure, we’re now going to look at dresses!

    It can sometimes be difficult to determine what dress styles would suit your individual shape. Therefore, we’ve come up with a guide to help you find the perfect workwear dress, specifically tailored to your figure type.



    A florence roby falcone dress in navy

    If you’re a pear shape, you might have curvy hips and thighs, accompanied by a small waist and bust. Therefore, drawing attention to your upper half is an effective way of balancing out and flattering your figure.

    With its structured shoulders and peplum waist detailing, our Falcone Dress is perfect for pear shaped girls. The shoulders attract the eye upwards, whilst the peplum detail emphasises the narrow waistline beautifully. Available in navy, plum, black and grey.



    florence roby potenza dress in black

    On the other hand, apple shapes often have full busts, straight waistlines, narrow shoulders and slim legs. We think our Potenza Dress would suit apple shapes beautifully, particularly because of its structured neckline which highlights the collarbones. This particular style of dress also helps to define the waistline, something which can be further enhanced with our Obi Belt. As well as black, the dress is also available in plum and grey.



    florene roby dasa dress in teal

    Straight or ‘boyish’ shapes are usually slim with small busts, narrow hips and a straight waistline. Chic clothing looks great on girls with this figure, and our Dasa Dress is no exception. As well as its soft mandarin collar, the dress also features a sewn-in obi belt, creating the illusion of curves and balancing the figure beautifully. Available in four stunning colours.



    florence roby roma dress in grey

    With balanced hips and shoulders, shapely legs, a full bust and an undefined waistline, oval shapes look great in dresses that flare at the waist. Our Roma Dress would be perfect for this body type. Available in grey and black, the dress features a loose A-line shape and ¾ length sleevesthe ultimate wardrobe staple for oval shaped girls.



    florence roby ancona dress in plum

    This versatile and balanced shape means that girls with hourglass figures suit a range of dress styles. They typically have full busts, narrow waists and wide hips. Our Ancona Dress would suit hourglasses perfectly, particularly with its sophisticated double pleat neckline, waist emphasis and overall beautiful fit.

    In our main range, the dress is offered in plum, black and grey, whilst our sale version is available in teal, mocha and cobalt blue.


    Take a Look at Our Full Range

    With sizes ranging from 6 to 26, we consider a variety of body shapes when designing our dresses, beauty tunics and trousers.

    If you want to see our full collection of beauty hair and spa uniforms, take a look here.

  • A Colour Guide: Beauty Uniforms to Match Your Salon

    a luxury lilac coloured hair salon

    In our previous blog post, we spoke a lot about what uniform styles would best suit salon workers. But what about colour? In the beauty industry, colour is a very important part of a business’ image. Unlike style, deciding on a salon wear colour is less about the individual worker, and more about the brand.

    So what colour uniform would best match your salon’s interior and branding?


    Black Uniforms

    A Florence Roby Enzo Tunic in Black

    Black is one of the most popular colours because of its versatility and chicness. A black uniform would go particularly well with branding/decor that contains white, red, purple, light green and other bold colours. It is best to avoid a black uniform if your salon has navy and dark green shades, as these would most probably clash.

    Nearly all of our beauty tunics, trousers and dresses include a black option. One of our favourites is the Enzo Tunic, which we think looks particularly striking in black.


    Plum Uniforms

    a Florence Roby Calvi Tunic in Plum

    Plum is another versatile colour and a popular choice among beauty workers. If your salon contains shades of green, yellow, silver, or gold then a plum uniform would look fantastic. Plum would also match well with rose gold and cream.

    Our Calvi Tunic is a stunning option in plum. With a square neckline, structured shape and added pockets, it is both elegant and practical.


    Teal Uniforms

    A florence roby lucca tunic in teal

    One of our favourite uniform colours is teal. It best suits contrasting shades such as mustard, copper, maroon and gold. If you have a grey interior, then a teal uniform would also complement it beautifully.

    Our Lucca Tunic looks particularly lovely in teal. The simple design and flattering fit allows the blue-green tones to radiate.


    Grey Uniforms

    A florence roby dasa dress in grey

    Whether you’re looking for a dress or tunic/trouser ensemble, we have loads of stunning grey options available. What’s particularly great about this colour is that it goes well with a variety of shades. Grey looks best with light colours such as mint green, lilac, cream and baby pink, as well as teal. If your brand includes any of these colours, then grey is definitely the uniform colour for you.

    For the perfect grey dress, take a look at our Dasa Dress. With its mandarin-style neckline and sewn-in obi waist belt, it is the essence of sophistication.


    Want to See More?

    Hopefully our colour suggestions have given you something to think about. Along with the colours mentioned, we also have a wide range of navy uniforms, as well as some styles in white, taupe and chocolate.

    Want to see more? Check out our complete range of beauty, hair and spa uniforms.

  • Five Beauty Tunics to Suit Every Body Shape

    model wearing florence roby uniform and holding flowers

    Deciding on uniforms for your spa, beauty or hair salon can often be a tricky task! Choosing a colour is one thing, but trying to find garments that flatter every type of figure can be difficult.

    Here at Florence Roby, we’ve been designing uniforms for over fifty years and know a thing or two about creating the perfect fit. Therefore, we’ve compiled a guide to help you and your work colleagues find the ideal beauty tunic suited to your body shape.


    Apple shapes are characterised by their narrow shoulders, full bust, straight waistline and slim legs. We think our Favale Tunic would suit this figure perfectly. The tunic flatters the waistline with its panelled front, whilst the structured and hexagonal neckline would emphasise the collarbones beautifully. Available in five vibrant colours, this is a firm Florence Roby favourite.

    model wearing a florence roby favale tunic in grey


    Contrastingly, pear shapes often have small busts, a slim waist and more weight centred around the lower half of their bodies. To create a more balanced silhouette, drawing the eye to the neckline with extra detailing is usually very effective. Our Como Tunic has a unique collar featuring a diamante button which instantly flatters any pear shaped figure. Available in five beautiful colours.

    Florence Roby Como Tunic in Navy


    If you have a straight or ‘boyish’ figure, then you probably have a small bust, narrow hips and slim legs. For a more curvy look, our Alba Tunic has an asymmetric hemline and buckle detail that exaggerates the waistline and creates the perfect silhouette. Available in teal, navy and plum.

    Florence Roby Alba Tunic in Teal


    Oval shapes often have balanced hips and shoulders, an undefined waistline and shapely legs. Our Malfa Tunic really does compliment this body type. The boxy shape means that the material skims the silhouette beautifully, whilst the ¾ length sleeves help define the waist due to their positioning. Available in black, grey and teal.

    model wearing a florence roby malfa tunic in black


    Hourglasses usually have a full bust, slim waist and wide hips. Because this is a balanced body shape, women with hourglass figures often find that they suit a variety of clothing styles. Our Ancona Tunic cinches in at the waist to emphasise the silhouette, and has a beautiful double pleat neckline feature that is incredibly flattering. Available in plum, teal, grey and black.

    model wearing a florence roby ancona tunic in plum

    Check out the full range

    We hope that our guide has helped you find the perfect beauty tunic that you’ve been searching for! If you want to see more, take a look at our full range of beauty tunics.

    We also offer a made to measure service for anyone looking for a tailored fit, which you can find out more about on our bespoke uniforms page.

  • Ladies Hospitality Uniforms - Our Top Picks This January

    Housekeeper putting clean fresh towels on bed in hotel room

    Ladies: in search of that perfect hospitality uniform? Whether you’re working as a waitress, bartender, chef, housekeeper or pool worker, we’ve got some amazing uniform options to choose from. Here are our top picks for January:

    Restaurant and Bar

    model wearing a florence roby long sleeved shirt and short apron

    Our elegant Long Sleeve Mandarin Shirt is a popular choice among our hospitality clients. With a delicate soft-fused collar and a stretch cotton-blend fabric, it is both stylish and comfortable.

    As it's January, it’s still pretty chilly so long sleeves are definitely recommended for the upcoming months. Our Short Black Apron would accompany the shirt beautifully (as pictured) - it’s simple, light and practical with a one-size-fits all design.


    model wearing a florence roby ladies chefs jacket

    Do you struggle to find chef’s uniform that has a feminine fit? If the answer is yes, our Ladies Short Sleeved Chef’s Jacket would be a great choice for you. In a double-breasted style, it has a curved fit with a woman’s silhouette in mind. It also has a dainty mandarin collar, allowing breathability when the kitchen gets a bit overheated!

    Housekeeping and Maintenance

    model wearing a florence roby como tunic and parallel leg trousers in teal

    Working in the housekeeping and maintenance industry? We have the perfect, modern uniform that you’ve been waiting for. One of our most popular designs, the Como Tunic is timeless and professional, and available in six different colours.

    With a simple singular diamante button, it is notably chic, but also practical too–especially with its side splits that allow ease of movement. Paired with our Parallel Leg Trouser, you will look radiant when going to work.


    model wearing a florence roby ladies polo shirt and track pants in navy

    If you’re a pool worker, the classic workwear might typically comprise of shorts and a flimsy t-shirt. But with it being winter, you might be searching for something a bit more practical. Look no further than our Ladies Performance Polo Shirt, which is breathable but still gives you the coverage that you need. Available in both navy and black, the subtle colours are well suited to the colder months. The polo shirt would look great with our matching Ladies Track Pants, also available in both navy and black.

    Want to See More?

    With uniform designs for a variety of hospitality industries, there is so much to choose from at Florence Roby. Take a look at our full hospitality uniform range.

    With over 50 years of experience in the industry, we pride ourselves on our bespoke and carefully-tailored designs. If you'd like to hear more about our garments, contact us today.

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