New Year, New You: 4 Salon Trends in Time for 2019


For beauty salons, the upcoming new year often conjures feelings of excitement, wonder and optimism. But sometimes, the uncertainty of the after-Christmas-period can be daunting.

With the hype of the festive season over, some businesses worry that January could be slow compared with the previous month. But fear not! We have gathered some of the top salon trends for the new year to help keep your business booming in 2019:


1. Renew and Revitalise

A significant part of 2018 culture was the increased demand for organic foods and household supplies. Now we’re in 2019, people are not only concerned about what they’re putting in their bodies, but also what they’re putting on their bodies. By introducing organic (as well as ethical) products into your salon, you can give your customers peace of mind, whilst also fitting in with the typical January theme of renewal, detox and revitalisation.


2. Get Digital

Social media is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life - it began as a social tool (hence the name!), but has now embedded itself as a crucial element of the business world. So what does this mean for salon and beauty businesses in 2019? It means that engaging with your online followers is as important as ever. Whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, providing regular content and responding to your followers is just as important as answering the phone for a booking.

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on visual imagery, and for a beauty-based business, showcasing aesthetic images of beauty treatments and products on the likes of Instagram and Snapchat stories is definitely a good idea.


3. Freshen Up With Some New Colours and Accessories

If you’re going to be increasing exposure of your salon online, why not use the new year as an excuse to give it a facelift? By adding a floor lamp from a vintage shop, painting the walls in a new colour or even just rearranging the seating, a little bit of change can go a long way.

According to Elle Decor, light blue colours with a sense of mistiness and haze are going to be one of the top colour trends for 2019. The calming grey undertones would work wonderfully in a salon to create a perfect, serene haven.


4. Match Your New Interior with a New Uniform

Whatever colour you decide for your salon’s interior, having a new uniform to match would also contribute to the ‘‘insta-aesthetic’’. If you were to go for the misty blue colour scheme that we just mentioned, our very own Florence Roby Dasa Tunic in Plum would compliment it beautifully. Inspired by the far east, it has an oriental-style neckline and comes with a sewn-in belt to tie around the waist. If your staff have different preferences, the style is also available in a matching dress.

Ready for 2019?

Hopefully this guide has given you some food-for-thought when preparing your salon for 2019. If you’re interested in seeing more of our high-quality, innovative salonwear designs, then shop our wide range of Beauty, Hair and Spa uniforms.