5 Workwear Dresses to Suit Every Body Shape


Following our recent blog post about beauty tunics to suit every figure, we’re now going to look at dresses!

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what dress styles would suit your individual shape. Therefore, we’ve come up with a guide to help you find the perfect workwear dress, specifically tailored to your figure type.



If you’re a pear shape, you might have curvy hips and thighs, accompanied by a small waist and bust. Therefore, drawing attention to your upper half is an effective way of balancing out and flattering your figure.

With its structured shoulders and peplum waist detailing, our Falcone Dress is perfect for pear shaped girls. The shoulders attract the eye upwards, whilst the peplum detail emphasises the narrow waistline beautifully. Available in navy, plum, black and grey.



On the other hand, apple shapes often have full busts, straight waistlines, narrow shoulders and slim legs. We think our Potenza Dress would suit apple shapes beautifully, particularly because of its structured neckline which highlights the collarbones. This particular style of dress also helps to define the waistline, something which can be further enhanced with our Obi Belt. As well as black, the dress is also available in plum and grey.



Straight or ‘boyish’ shapes are usually slim with small busts, narrow hips and a straight waistline. Chic clothing looks great on girls with this figure, and our Dasa Dress is no exception. As well as its soft mandarin collar, the dress also features a sewn-in obi belt, creating the illusion of curves and balancing the figure beautifully. Available in four stunning colours.



With balanced hips and shoulders, shapely legs, a full bust and an undefined waistline, oval shapes look great in dresses that flare at the waist. Our Roma Dress would be perfect for this body type. Available in grey and black, the dress features a loose A-line shape and ¾ length sleevesthe ultimate wardrobe staple for oval shaped girls.



This versatile and balanced shape means that girls with hourglass figures suit a range of dress styles. They typically have full busts, narrow waists and wide hips. Our Ancona Dress would suit hourglasses perfectly, particularly with its sophisticated double pleat neckline, waist emphasis and overall beautiful fit.

In our main range, the dress is offered in plum, black and grey, whilst our sale version is available in teal, mocha and cobalt blue.


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