A Colour Guide: Beauty Uniforms to Match Your Salon


In our previous blog post, we spoke a lot about what uniform styles would best suit salon workers. But what about colour? In the beauty industry, colour is a very important part of a business’ image. Unlike style, deciding on a salon wear colour is less about the individual worker, and more about the brand.   

So what colour uniform would best match your salon’s interior and branding?


Black Uniforms

Black is one of the most popular colours because of its versatility and chicness. A black uniform would go particularly well with branding/decor that contains white, red, purple, light green and other bold colours. It is best to avoid a black uniform if your salon has navy and dark green shades, as these would most probably clash.

Nearly all of our beauty tunics, trousers and dresses include a black option. One of our favourites is the Enzo Tunic, which we think looks particularly striking in black.


Plum Uniforms

Plum is another versatile colour and a popular choice among beauty workers. If your salon contains shades of green, yellow, silver, or gold then a plum uniform would look fantastic. Plum would also match well with rose gold and cream.

Our Calvi Tunic is a stunning option in plum. With a square neckline, structured shape and added pockets, it is both elegant and practical.


Teal Uniforms

One of our favourite uniform colours is teal. It best suits contrasting shades such as mustard, copper, maroon and gold. If you have a grey interior, then a teal uniform would also complement it beautifully.

Our Lucca Tunic looks particularly lovely in teal. The simple design and flattering fit allows the blue-green tones to radiate.


Grey Uniforms

Whether you’re looking for a dress or tunic/trouser ensemble, we have loads of stunning grey options available. What’s particularly great about this colour is that it goes well with a variety of shades. Grey looks best with light colours such as mint green, lilac, cream and baby pink, as well as teal. If your brand includes any of these colours, then grey is definitely the uniform colour for you.

For the perfect grey dress, take a look at our Dasa Dress. With its mandarin-style neckline and sewn-in obi waist belt, it is the essence of sophistication.


Want to See More?

Hopefully our colour suggestions have given you something to think about. Along with the colours mentioned, we also have a wide range of navy uniforms, as well as some styles in white, taupe and chocolate.

Want to see more? Check out our complete range of beauty, hair and spa uniforms.